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We provide professional accounting and business consultant services.


We have many years of experience in providing audit and assurance services.


We provide a full range of personal and business tax services.

Corporate Planning

We help our clients to plan their financial strategy for maximum efficiency.

Our Services

When you engage a firm of Chartered Accountants like Dyer & Co you can be guaranteed that you are contracting a professional company with the financial know-how, vision and attention to detail that will make sure your company not only competes, but flourishes in the marketplace.

We are dedicated to providing your business with the best possible service, with the levels of professionalism and integrity that you would expect from a firm handling your financial affairs, accounts, audit, tax planning, compliance, VAT (Value Added Tax), payroll and business consultancy.

As registered auditors, not only will you receive the CIS & IR35 help you need, but you will also have a highly trained firm of accountants with the first-hand experience to deal with the crucial business challenges you will be facing in today’s modern business world.

We can deal with all the day-to-day time consuming tasks on your behalf such as VAT, PAYE and Tax matters and also help you focus on the bigger picture, with an in-depth understanding of your finances so that you can plan effectively for the future. Our aim is to become an important part of your team and instrumental in the long-term success of your business.

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Chartered Accountancy

A Chartered Accountant can be invaluable to so many firms in a wide range of sectors because they can be relied upon to be a trusted associate for your company. As professionally qualified individuals, Chartered Accountants undergo continuous professional development to keep up to speed with all the latest changes in tax legislation that may have an impact on your company. They can be trusted because they are bound by their code of ethics to ensure that they always maintain the highest level of professional standards.

At Dyer & Co,  we don’t just produce your accounts.  We are on call to help you with strategic planning and to advise on how best to grow your business. With our comprehensive training and development programmes and the years of experience we have in ensuring that all the vital and stringent financial checks are made, you can be sure that your company’s accounts and financial affairs will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

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What to consider when choosing a Chartered Accountant

Check carefully into the background of the firm of Chartered accountants you are considering hiring and fully understand the services they offer and how that will benefit you and your company.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you get a handle on the role that the accountant will undertake on your behalf. A good accountant can help a business throughout any stage of its development, from start-ups to long established family firms and still help them to grow.

For more information about how a Chartered Accountant can add value to your business and to discuss your accountancy requirements in more detail, please contact us now and we would be happy to set up a meeting with you.


In an aggressive business setting, superior accounts and business assistance will establish the height of business achievement, prospects captured or prospects lost.

These foundations must be laid by dependable, efficient and skilled business consultants who recognise your industry, the obstacles that lay in front of you and your tactical insight.

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Preparation of Your Limited Company Annual Accounts

For all businesses that are legally required to do so, Dyer & Co assemble and submit annual accounts to H. M. Revenue & Customs and to Companies House.

Compiling accounts both internally and externally for reporting purposes forms the bedrock of our commercial activity. We pride ourselves in giving you more than a service that simply records the facts; we provide you with guidance and suggestions following our conclusions assisting you in the expansion and success of your business.

Our team will also work with skilled tax colleagues to provide modern advice on the most suitable ways of lowering your tax liability.

Why do you need this service?

  • You have a legal requirement to file accounts at Companies House
  • You are required to submit your statutory tax return

Preparation of your Sole Trader Annual Accounts

Determined and rising businesses will not always require a statutory audit, for instance if you are a sole trader, partnership or a smaller commercial business. However, to enhance integrity a specialised statement of your accounts provides a factual and precise illustration of your business activity and performance.

Dyer & Co will prepare your accounts accurately from your accounting records by providing an Accountants Report.

We take your bookkeeping records or trial balances and develop them into accounts for the period. This will guarantee to users of your accounts that they represent accurate evidence of the fundamental activities of your business that your legal obligations in regards to the preparation of accounts have been followed accurately.

We then ensure that you have an understanding of the figures’ significance and advise you on the steps that you could take to enhance your success and to guarantee that your tax liabilities are precise.

Why do you need this service?

  • You want a certified report that your accounts are accurate
  • Your bank, investors or stakeholders require an accountant’s report
  • Accounts are required in order to prepare your HM Revenue & Customs self assessment tax return

Preparation of Your Management Accounts

Appropriate and precise financial information is a fundamental asset of forward thinking organisations, forming the basis of accurate business assessments.

Dyer & Co maintain the book-keeping that your management accounts require.

Our professional team will also examine and extract the information from your accounts and make suggestions that will encourage your business to grow and add profitability.

Why do you need it?

  • Frequent management information can assist in taking the business a step further
  • It is a necessity for your bank or finance company
  • It is important to preserve all accounts and statements for the purposes of debtors and creditors
  • The accounting requirements of the owners or your parent company must be maintained

Registered Auditors

At Dyer & Co we assist industry wide businesses with their audits, whether it be for statutory requirements or for their own standards of corporate governance. Our audit services are conducted by a specialist team with expertise in all the vital areas to assist companies and traders. Established in Sidcup since 1988, we have built a successful business based on focussed client communication and attention to detail. Our experience across all service sectors make us an exceptional choice for you and your business as you continue to develop and expand.

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Taxation, whether business or personal, can be a minefield for many. It has gradually evolved to become a key specialist area for the individual as well as the workplace. Dyer & Co will provide any client with a full and comprehensive service to help complete business and personal returns.

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We can also advise with Tax Credits for Research and Development.

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VAT Threshold

As respected VAT consultants and advisers we understand that many businesses constantly struggle to understand even the fundamentals of VAT. Most companies are not aware of the various VAT schemes that can be used to your company’s advantage by turning VAT into a money making opportunity. We liaise with our clients to guarantee that the essentials requirements are completed accurately: e.g. registration for the correct VAT scheme and understanding what is taxable and what is not. Most importantly we look to ensure that opportunities are not missed particularly in areas such as land and property.

Completing VAT returns can be a lengthy process. The complex procedure of regulations imposes an enormous administrative inconvenience on businesses. With the VAT rate being so high in the UK, errors in calculating VAT can be expensive – the harsh system of penalties, interest charges for errors and the late submission of returns all combine to make it a priority that your VAT is completed in the appropriate manner. Our cost-effective VAT services will relieve you of this inconvenience.

Our team of VAT professionals will keep your VAT affairs organised. We will complete the registration procedure on your behalf (which includes setting you up online), ensure that you are collecting the correct amounts for each transaction, and ensure that you make payments and file VAT returns correctly and on time with HMRC’s new online filing service for VAT. Together we provide a comprehensive bookkeeping and VAT accounting service, we will always give our time to those who require VAT advice at any time or in any situation.

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The Flat Rate Scheme

The flat rate scheme is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to turn VAT into a money making opportunity if your business does not involve high amounts of taxable expenditure.

Once registered on the flat rate scheme, you will be charging your clients 20% VAT on your sales. However, you will only be required to pay back a lower percentage to HMRC which is based on your trade (a 1% reduction is applicable to all businesses after your first year of VAT registration on this set percentage). When you’re on the flat rate scheme you can also claim VAT back on company assets over a specific amount.

Employment Tax – PAYE/NI Contributions

Pay As You Earn – PAYE – is a system designed to collect tax directly from earnings or pensions throughout the tax year. PAYE involves three separate parties, the employee, the employer (or pension provider) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

In the majority of cases, tax may be deducted using PAYE. How often tax is deducted of course depends on how employees or pensioners are paid – for employees and the majority of pensioners it is almost always weekly, monthly, four weekly or fortnightly; however, some pensions are only paid quarterly or even annually.

For more information on PAYE then visit our dedicated PAYE page or contact us today.

CIS & IR35

Dyer & Co has specialists available to help clients with all technical accounting issues and these include Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and IR35 matters. Both areas cover contractors and sub-contractors and can be a minefield for businesses, given that any failure in compliance can lead to significant fines.

Our expert team can help relieve the burden of the technical treatment of these transactions as well as a good deal of stress and heartache. As a well-established and trusted firm that encompasses areas of Financial Accounting, Registered Auditors and Tax Accounting, you can trust us to deal effectively with your CIS and IR35 responsibilities.

For more information on CIS, visit the CIS & CIS Gross Payments page today.
For more information on IR35, visit the IR35 page today.

The Pension Regulator – Auto-Enrolment

The ever changing employment environment has resulted in the introduction of Auto-Enrolment, which all employers with at least one employee must ensure they are compliant with the regulations set by The Pension Regulator.

These duties include enrolling those that are eligible into a workplace pension scheme and contributing towards it.

Dyer & Co’s team of skilled auto-enrolment specialists are here to support you with the additional burden of auto-enrolment compliance, including finding the most suitable and efficient structure to process and comply with the regulations that come with auto-enrolment.

If your business requires assistance with auto-enrolment or even provide your business with guidance to ensure compliance is met, speak to a member of our auto-enrolment team who will be happy to provide you with the support you need.

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Why would you as an individual or your company consider hiring an accountant?

Well, aside from the obligations that a business owner has with regards to keeping accurate records for HMRC, an accountant can help with a wide variety of business-related issues such as tax planning, creating a business plan, auditing and compliance. Accountants are there to help guide your business and finances in the right direction so that you can keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

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