At Dyer & Co we assist industry wide businesses with their audits, whether it be for statutory requirements or for their own standards of corporate governance. Our audit services are conducted by a specialist team with expertise in all the vital areas to assist companies and traders. Established in Sidcup since 1988, we have built a successful business based on focussed client communication and attention to detail. Our experience across all service sectors make us an exceptional choice for you and your business as you continue to develop and expand.

Audits are often a necessity to meet statutory reasons and we are here for businesses that meet those criteria. However, for many companies that do not have that statutory obligation, it is a sound and prudent investment that can help identify strengths and weaknesses and iron out one while maximising the other. It has always been our belief that the best service comes from listening to our clients and identifying their precise needs. We will work in tandem with you to formulate the best working agenda for your business.

Services include a detailed risk assessment of your operations and highlighting the key controls that can help address any weak links in the chain. Audits are often stressful affairs for companies and we understand this and it’s why we will aim to seek the most productive coverage we can without interfering in your daily business dealings. We can check your banking and cash arrangements, the controls in place for ingoing and outgoing orders, how items are recorded within your financial systems and more.

The best businesses have lean but highly relevant procedures that cut down on administration and make tracing orders, transactions and clients a simple task rather than a time consuming chore. So many businesses are weighed down with poor financial procedures that hinder business, disillusion staff and create mistakes. Together we can work out a programme to make sure that you do not fall into this abyss and instead, run a fast, efficient and effective operation.

The service we provide is directly aimed at analysing and identifying your systems and making them as efficient as possible. This will be of huge benefit to the company and your staff as the day to day tasks and operations will be focussed and process driven and will likely mean a reduction in needless functions that add no value to the working day of employees or to the profitability of the company. We want to work with you as partner to share knowledge with and not just to find fault with how you do things. The aim is to use our financial acumen alongside your own internal expertise to squeeze every last ounce out of your company’s efficiency.

Our audit teams include Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) specialists who can help you to avoid any potential penalties for non-compliance, PAYE experts and dedicated Tax specialists to assist in the critical operational areas. We can be as broad or as detailed as you need and together we can make a difference to the running of your business. We are available for a friendly consultation and look forward to helping many more businesses across the region to achieve the high standards that the modern market demands.

Review for - Registered Auditors

We are a couple of IT contractors who have used the services of Dyer and Co for 11 years. They have always been very efficient in processing our accounts and will always be on hand to answer our questions. They have also coped with our ever changing situation - from taking a break from contracting and travelling, to running payroll for temporary staff. The staff there are friendly and courteous. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.

-5 stars

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